Credit Recovery

CMS provides online credit recovery for high school students that have previously failed a high school course. The programs and requirements vary by school, so speak to the school’s guidance counselor for more information.


At present, CMS utilized Apex and Edgenuity for credit recovery in a mastery-based approach. Credit recovery is for students that have previously failed a course. A student may not start a CR course until after the course has been failed.

Depending on your home school, students may take classes during the school day, after school or from home. Most online CR courses are NCAA approved, but athletes should confirm this requirement before proceeding.


Currently, Apex & Edgenuity are the only district-supported online credit recovery options. Schools may choose to use other providers (e.g., Gradpoint), but must provide individual funding and support.

To access an Apex account, go to

To access an Edgenuity account:

Student with local teacher:

Student with Edgenuity teacher: 

Teacher/School Staff: