Virtual Learning Options

There are several virtual options for students in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. There are options available for students in grades 6-12.

Options include:

  • full-time virtual (beginning grade 9),
  • blended learning,
  • supplementary courses in all content areas,
  • AP courses,
  • test prep,
  • Advanced (honors and AP) math & science courses (NCSSM),
  • at home or in-school.

Options may vary at individual schools, so speak with your guidance counselor.

e-Learning Academy

This academy is for families that are interested in completing high school courses 100% from home. While the work can be completed from home, students can receive additional support from on-site faculty and staff at the Performance Learning Center High School.

Currently, students apply and are enrolled through the PLC High School (Principal: Tracey Pickard).

More information can be found at the e-Learning Academy webpage or by calling PLC at 980-343-1118.


Edgenuity-Logo-transparentEdgenuity is an online provider for new, supplemental, and credit recovery coursework in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. Edgenuity offers many courses, including: traditional, credit recovery, unit recovery courses, and supplementary options.  Courses are available for 6th -12th graders.  Teachers may use the content in their classrooms to create a blended or flipped model!  Schools may use content with their teachers or use Edgenuity, highly-qualified NC licensed faculty.  Edgenuity provides highly visual courses with videos and interactive activities to help students master content.

For the Edgenuity course list, visit NC Course List.


To learn more, visit:


NCVPS is an online provider for new and credit recovery coursework in Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools. NCVPS offers 150 courses including: Advanced Placement, Honors, Traditional, Credit Recovery and Occupational Course of Study. NCVPS courses are available for 6th -12th graders.

Courses utilize real-time and asynchronous collaborative tools, audio and video, blogs, and cutting-edge assessment tools. Most importantly, courses pair students with highly qualified NC licensed faculty members from around the world.

Depending on your home school, classes may be offered during school in a lab setting, before or after school, or from home.




NCSSM has several opportunities for students and schools. Full-time residency and online programs are highly competitive and admission is done through an application process during the student’s 10th grade year. Please visit their website for more information.

  • Fully-online program for 11th-12th graders
  • Individual online courses open for high schools in North Carolina (Interactive Videoconferencing High School Courses)
  • NCSSM IVC provides a flexible, cost-effective solution for schools looking to:
    • Offer courses in hard-to-staff subject areas
    • Support STEM goals
    • Offer advanced coursework to smaller groups of students
  • STEM Enrichment sessions to enhance core instruction for Elementary and Middle school students as well as provides instruction for teachers in “hard to teach” concepts.
    • Live sessions are scheduled interactive opportunities that supplement classroom curriculum with hands-on activities.
    • Do-it-yourself enrichments provide guidance, teaching materials and videos that allow for flexible, asynchronous learning experiences.
  • NCSSM provides cost-free professional development for North Carolina public school teachers. Topics range from content and lesson plan development to pedagogical instructive strategies. These sessions are led by NCSSM teachers and other content professionals.



iMeck is a fully blended school located in Cochrane Collegiate Academy. iMeck offers students:

  • Rigorous curriculum consisting of honors, Advanced Placement and dual enrollment courses
  • Technology-rich environment with full wireless access
  • Internship opportunities in private industry and local government
  • Hands-on activities and real world experiences
  • Dynamic instruction focusing on leadership and problem-solving
  • Online and face-to-face classes
  • A laptop computer for all students to use for class work and homework assignments

Applications are open through the Lottery Program. Please contact Cochrane Collegiate Academy for more information.